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What makes women happy?

An African woman's simple answer was:

"When we are given children and an ability to care and educate them; when children are healthy and you are healthy and able to take care of your family, then you feel most happy".

In sub-Saharan Africa, one out of twelve women dies in childbirth.  And even more find their lives destroyed by childbirth injuries.

What causes this?  A condition called Vesico-Vaginal Fistula.

Many fistula sufferers are abandoned by their husbands, forced out of their homes, and ostracized by family and friends.  Illiterate, having limited skills, and unable to work, these young mothers are left with few choices and no hope.

The Helena Ptochia Foundation is about providing choices and hope. We are building a hospital in Ghana to serve women who suffer from fistula.

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The Helena Ptochia Foundation is a 501c3 Organization. For more about our charitable status contact NYS Attorney General.